Ice Maker Repair

Ice Maker Repair

Everyone loves a tall glass of ice-cold lemonade in the summertime. Or if you fancy it, a nice glass of scotch on the rocks. You won't be able to enjoy it if your ice maker is struggling to make those wonderful cubes of cold. Your drinks may not seem as enjoyable for the near future but there's a solution.

By giving us a call at Talent Appliance Repair we can have your ice maker back to being the life of the party in no time. We know how scorching it can get here in the Willoughby area but that's why the residents trust us so much and have been thriving because of it for the last 15 years.

The technicians we hire are competent and always learning. They're masters of their craft and are constantly improving. But it's the customer service and how we treat our clients that's gotten us so much repeat business.

Why did it break down?

This is a loaded question with a lot of possible answers. Ice machines aren't super complex but a lot of their components feed off one another so one thing could be faulty and just need repair but sometimes the whole machine may need replacing if it's too far gone.

From being on an uneven surface to line clogs, there could be any number of reasons your machine isn't working but we like to focus on solutions rather than problems.

DIY repairs sound great and they truly are for some things but with appliances that are fed electric current that could be a recipe for disaster. Quite a few people get electrocuted trying to fix things themselves and it could be avoided by simply hiring a professional.

Common problems, troubleshooting, and repair

Ice maker won't work

There's a piece on your freezer called a control arm that pauses ice-making once your bin gets too full. If this is switched off then it may make it seem like the maker isn't working when all it needs is a simple switch.

Ice maker works but doesn't make ice

Excessive frost is a common deterrent of a properly working freezer. The waterline can get clogged very easily by it which causes the supply of water to be frozen from reaching its intended destination. Most techs don't bother to tell you this but it's a very solvable situation even from those who are inexperienced.


Leaks are fine if they're inside the refrigerator but when they spill out onto the floor it can be a signal of potential disaster. Water damage is a pretty penny to remedy and you definitely don't want it caused by something as embarrassing as an everyday leak.

Making sure your fridge is on a level surface is the first step in ensuring that you don't have any spills. This covers almost 90% of cases.

Should I consider a replacement?

Sometimes no matter what you do, your appliances are just gonna give out on you. What you can do is call Talent Appliance Repair of Willoughby, OH and we'll guarantee to give you the best deal on a repair or lead you in the right direction for a replacement.

We want to be your go-to for a very long time. Give us a call today.